Priority Annual Service Agreement

$150 Per Year - Including Replacement Filters*

Don't Let the Heat Get You Down

In desert heat, it's important to keep your unit working at its maxium efficiency. Maintenance is recommended twice per year to reduce energy costs and chances of a breakdown.

What Is Included in Our 16-Point Inspection?

  • Auxiliary Heater Amperage Inspection
  • Compressor Amperage Inspection
  • Safety Control Test
  • Electro-Mechanical Component Inspection
  • Proper Temperature Rise Check
  • Ductwork and Airflow Check
  • Sequence of Operation by Thermostat Inspection
  • Model Number Crosscheck for Manufacturer's Update Codes
  • Filter Cleaning or Replacement
  • Thermostat Inspection
  • Electrical Connection Inspection
  • Bearing Assembly Lubrication
  • Fan Blower Assembly Inspection
  • Indoor Coil Inspection and Cleaning
  • Outdoor Coil Inspection and Cleaning
  • Refrigeration Charge Inspection

Spring and Fall Maintenance

  • Savings With a Priority Service Agreement
  • Priority Emergency Service
  • Energy Savings
  • 10% Discount on All Parts
  • Peace of Mind

Contact our office to purchase your annual agreement for substantial savings on regular service calls and parts! (760) 773-0811


*Pricing may vary depending on number of HVAC systems and specialty filter requirements.


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